Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The more things change...

So, Obama sets a new standard - winning re-election with less votes than when he won the Presidency the first time.

Romney collects 3M less votes than McCain - does any Republican wonder why they aren't winning the Presidency given these past two nominees?

But the bitter pill to swallow is that with some 13M less voters than in 2008 and still Gary Johnson and the Libertarians can't break above 1% of the vote.  Clearly there is no more clear message delivered by this election than that the Libertarian view in this country is doomed to permanent irrelevance.

Of course Progressives/Liberals will delude themselves that they have had a great victory in the Presidency while ignoring that the House remains in Republican hands.  That must be some mighty tasty Kool-Aid - huh kids?

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